[San-Diego-pm] April Meeting

Bob Kleemann rkleeman at energoncube.net
Tue Apr 7 13:14:43 PDT 2020

Thanks all for your contributions on what software to use to host the
meeting.  There appears to be as many suggestions as there are people
interested in coming on Tuesday (in other words, a **lot**).  My thinking
on any of the possibilities:

   - Open source is great, and I'd like to use/support it, if it can
   support our needs (video conferencing and screen sharing).
   - Google is functional, and other than the host, I don't think you need
   a Google account or special software to be able to join a Hangout with a
   - Zoom is the new hotness, and I have a paid Zoom account that I can use
   for this purpose.  I know that you do not need to install the software
   (though they will push you to do it), nor do you need to have an account to
   join a meeting.

Given all of this, I'll go forward with my Zoom account, unless somebody
has a good reason not to (like an easy to use open-source alternative).
I'll post the meeting details soon, and again next week.


On Tue, Apr 7, 2020 at 10:40 AM Bob Kleemann <rkleeman at energoncube.net>

> Thank you all!
> We definitely have enough interest for a meeting.  Do people want to use
> Zoom, Google Hangouts, or something else?  Also, I see that Tim wants to do
> a presentation.  Does anybody else have a presentation or topic that they'd
> like to cover?  Does anybody have a topic that they'd like to learn more
> about?
> Bob
> On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 11:56 AM Bob Kleemann <rkleeman at energoncube.net>
> wrote:
>> Hello Perl Mongers,
>> What do we want to do for a meeting this quarter?  Given everything that
>> is going on in the world, the April meeting isn't going to happen in
>> the normal format.  Given that, would people be interested in doing an
>> online meeting?
>> If you're interested in doing an online meeting, email myself or the
>> mailing list before close-of-business on Thursday, and I'll put it
>> together.  If I have five other people interested by Thursday, I'll get the
>> event put together and we'll enjoy a tech-social gathering on Tuesday,
>> April 14th.  Otherwise, we'll hold off until the next scheduled meeting in
>> July.
>> I look forward to hearing from you all soon.
>> Bob
>> Head Camel Wrangler
>> San Diego Perl Mongers
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