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Perl Mongers,

If anybody is interested, please contact Jeff directly.

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Elite Digital is a small company of 25 employees specializing in the sale
of media through online channels. We work behind the scenes to sell
millions of different products around the world. If you've ever bought a
rare book or cd through Amazon, you probably bought it from us.

We've been in the industry for more than 10 years, so we are an established
company but we still have that scrappy startup spirit. We currently have a
single developer handling our entire system, which consists of 150k lines
of Perl running on 50 machines.

Your primary role will be leading strategic development efforts and guiding
the evolution of our systems. Your secondary role will be assisting with
operational support (occasionally after-hours). You will wear many hats in
this position: project manager, system administrator, architect, devops,
software developer, and more. You'll have the opportunity to tackle some
challenging analytical and architectural problems at scale. You'll get to
make big decisions and your work will have a visible impact on the bottom
line, every day.

This is a 100% telecommute position, but candidates must be located in the
US, ideally in the Los Angeles area. We especially like people who can show
us their work on GitHub, StackOverflow, or CPAN.

Must Haves:

* Object-Oriented Perl (6+ years) and fluent with CPAN.

* MySQL administration, schema design, queries, and optimization.

* Linux System administration via command line (RHEL or equivalent).

* Navigating, enhancing, refactoring, and testing legacy code.

* Prior success working in a telecommute position.

* Two or more professional references.

* Play well with others.

Nice To Have:

* Familiarity with Amazon AWS, MWS, EC2, SQS.

* Good understanding of Unicode in relation to Perl and MySQL.

* Experience with automating web interaction / web scraping.

* Moose, DBI, NYTProf.

Send your resume AND cover letter to jeff at imaginative-software.com
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