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If anybody is interested in this position, please contact Jessica directly.

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From: Jessica Mangona <jmangona at einsteinmedical.com>
Date: Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 9:55 AM
Subject: Perl Monger - Question
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Good morning Bob,

I hope your week has been going well! As, I'm looking to connect with true
Perl users, I came across Perl Monger and checked out your site!

My company, Einstein Medical, as tasked me with the quest to find a
proficient software engineer in San Diego, and it is proving to be quite a
difficult task. I was hoping that you could take a look at the attached job
description and please pass it on to any individuals you may know who fit
the mold!

Thank you very much for your help!


  Web Application Developer / Software Engineer

Job Description

Engineering Department of Einstein Industries, Inc. is looking for an
accomplished Web Application Developer to take active part in the design
and development of the new and support of the existing web applications in
Linux/Apache environment. The ideal candidate must be experienced in new
and emerging web development tools, programming and scripting languages
such as Ruby, PHP, Perl and Javascript. In addition, one must have strong
knowledge of relational database design and optimization techniques for
MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Ideal Candidate Skills:

­ 5+ years of full­stack web application development experience
­ Ruby, PHP, Perl
­ Proficiency in relational database design and optimization
­ Proficiency in Javascript and CSS, including the latest in CSS3 and HTML5
developments ­ Experience using Git

­ Intermediate knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating system
­ Ability to collect and organize development requirements and
specifications ­ Strong communication skills

Optional Qualifications:

­ Bachelor or equivalent degree in Computer Science or Engineering ­
Experience with mod_perl
­ Experience with Ruby on Rails, Mojolicious, and other frameworks ­
Experience with Apache 2.0+ and nginx

Company Description

Located in Sorrento Valley, the tech­center of San Diego, CA, Einstein
Medical is the leader in online medical marketing and website solutions,
offering a wide range of products and services designed to increase the
financial success of its clients. The company is at the forefront of
website development, having created some of the most effective medical
websites on the Internet today while catering to experienced, reputable
doctors and surgeons throughout the world. Rather than simply provide an
online presence for its clients, Einstein Medical develops comprehensive
online marketing strategies.

The corporate culture is best described as open­minded and flexible, as we
often look to our employees to develop new ideas. Working at Einstein
provides the opportunity for unlimited growth. Our ideal employee is an
enthusiastic team player who thrives on thinking, creating, collaborating,
improving, and working together with his or her fellow employees. In this
atmosphere, our employees are encouraged to excel in each of their
respective areas of expertise in order to further the success of the

Please send your resume and contact information to:

Jessica Mangona

hr at einsteinmedical.com

HR Recruiter | Einstein Medical


Phone/Fax: (858) 362­4990
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