[San-Diego-pm] Thanks for participating at SCALE 12x

Juan J. Natera naterajj at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 21:47:43 PST 2014

We had another good year at SCALE!

I wanted to thank the following individuals, our participation couldn't be
possible without your help:

Dallas Legan
Daniel Sherer
Andrew Grangaard
Wyatt Draggoo
David McDuffee
Tony Gasparovic
John Kirk
Arkadiy Sudarikov
William Boschelli

On Friday, Andrew presented in the DevOps lightning talks.

On Saturday,  the Perl BOF/thunder talks were well attended, yet not fast
paced enough to be called lightning talks :). Additional thanks to Curtis
Brandt, Tommy Stanton, and repeat contributors Dallas and Andrew.

Finally on Sunday, Randal Schwartz fired up his time machine to show us how
that famous Schwartzian transform came to be, among many other interesting

Thanks to all the people that stopped by the booth and I hope to see you at
a Perl Mongers meeting soon.

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