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Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Thu Oct 31 11:38:50 PDT 2013

Thank you all for your answers:

Brian said: You may also be able to drop then recreate the tables 
using the same encoding you used before.  That would be up to NetSol.

Thierry wrote and perhaps said something similar. At least from 
what I understood of what he said. Again he talked of the table 

I doubt NetSol would let me touch anything. Their motto seems to 
be: Let's make things harder to do.

Brian again said: Can you use a different separator, such as the 
pipe character '|'

That comes back to rolling my own. Then there still exist the 
issues with áéíñóúÁÉÍÑÓÚ¡¿

Tim said: I'd recommend staying away from ascii NUL as much as you 
can. Use 0x1F (unit separator) or something instead. Equally 
unused in real text, but plays well with C.......

Again that smacks of rolling my own.

Russ said: I don't understand why you're doing this. How could a 
CR character possibly "screw up" the db file?

It's been quite a while since I set this up originally, but I 
recall that there was a severe problem putting chr 10 &/or chr 13 
into the database. That's why I convered it to ¶.

Someone who has been lurking in this group suggested:

Since I see the problem as one of converting chrs < 32 and > 127 
into something the database will accept and then converting them 
back again, this comes closest to what I want.


I have some experimenting to do. Again, thank you all.

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