[San-Diego-pm] Shebang path issue

Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Fri Nov 22 11:20:51 PST 2013

At the perl meeting last night, I was told that perl in windows 
ignores the shebang. What I should do is move the perl path to the 
left of all other path statements to get it to work that way.
I changed the path here:
Start>Settings>Control Panel>System>Advanced>Environment Variables

It's true if I shell to DOS and type:
C:\Apache2.2\cgi-bin\Learn>perl showmodules.pl
The program works and shows me the perl modules.

However, if I am running the Apache server, and I type:
The she shebang must be:

#!/usr/bin/perl will not work.
Is there a reasonable workaround?

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