[San-Diego-pm] Is Perl finally dying? [was: Seen this?]

Alex Tokarev dwalin at dwalin.ru
Wed Jul 31 15:08:28 PDT 2013

There is nothing special about Perl in that regard. Everybody's complaining
about how hard it is to find good developers. I work for a major player in
HTML5/JavaScript field, and we literally *can't* find people who grok
JavaScript enough to work on the framework core. Does that mean that
JavaScript is dying? Nope, marketoids are trumping about how market is
growing enormously, blah blah.

There's also nothing special about hiring landscape in the software industry
at large. From my very limited experience with it I can tell that it's about
the same as in other high-tech industries. When I was working in telecom,
finding really talented people was an epic problem. How did we cope? Well,
instead of trying to find experienced junior level people ­ which is a
totally ridiculous idea by the way, how would they still be junior if
they're already experienced? ­ we used to grow them ourselves. With
spectacular results I must say. I fail to see how that does not translate to
the software industry.

Can't really say anything about PM median age, I wasn't there in its heyday..
Did it ever feel like preschool around here?


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Date:  Wednesday, July 31, 2013 1:36 PM
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> As for the graphs showing the age of Perlers based on YAPC attendance,
> that is a very dubious proposition at best. Attending a conference costs
> money, a lot of it. Who will pay for Joe the junior dev to attend just
> because they could? Yeah, um. Better let's send Jack the senior dev over
> there, maybe he'll pick up some cool idea that'd benefit the whole team,
> and if not he'd just have a good time with the old buddies.

Yeah, that's why Perl Monger meetings are full of youngsters, because they
can afford local meetings. right? Except the avg age of attendees to PM
meetings is IME closer to the YAPC numbers.

Finding Perl developers is a problem, as will tell you anybody that is
trying to get them.


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