[San-Diego-pm] Who is up for moving?

Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Thu Feb 16 17:25:40 PST 2012

On 2/16/2012 3:16 PM, Bob Kleemann wrote:
> Perl Mongers,
> Every now and then I'll take a quick pole of folks and see if they
> are happy with the current meeting setup, and I'm doing it again.
> Is everybody who is interested in meeting other Perl people in
> person happy with the current meeting time, place, and venue?
> Would moving the time and/or place of the meetings help?  Or is
> everyone happy with the current setup?
> Along similar lines, would people like to see more technical
> presentations at the meetings?  Is anybody looking to do any
> presentations?
> The discussion is open, so please share your thoughts.

I no longer attend because the meeting location is a full hour 
away from my house. Moving the location closer to the I-15 would 
be much better for me.

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