[San-Diego-pm] help

Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Mon May 9 11:24:10 PDT 2011

Had to install Image::Size in cgi-bin. networksolutions won't 
install perl modules.

error message:

Can't locate auto/Image/Size/jpegsize.al in @INC
(@INC contains: ../
/usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl .)
at ..//Image/Size.pm line 213

Addional notes:

+ I have dropped jpegsize.al all over the place and have changed 
permissions to 755.

+ I have added everything I can think of to @INC.

+ current directory is /public_html/cgi-bin/Admin as is the 
application program.

+ Where the files are:
/public_html/cgi-bin/auto/Image/Size/jpegsize.al (& elsewhere)

I'm going in circles and don't know what it wants.

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