[San-Diego-pm] jobs available, going unfulfilled

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Wed Sep 22 11:19:08 PDT 2010

Twice in the last two days, two different organizations in the greater
LA area approached me to help them find folks to fill mid-level Perl
hacking slots (varying between IT and webdev).  They both said "it's
getting *very* hard to find people."

Now, I'm really curious.  Why is this?

Is it a supply problem, or a demand problem, or both?

As in, are there fewer Perl programmers here but the same demand?

Or the same (or more) Perl programmers here, but even more demand?

Or something else entirely?

By the way... I'm not trying to make a buck out of this.  I'm just
trying to help people who ask me to help, and I'm also genuinely curious
about the state of hiring in the Perl community, particulary in LA since
I'm also working here for a while.

(I'll also be sending this message to the other local PM groups, so if
you see it multiple times, I'm sorry.)

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