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Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Fri Oct 22 01:38:00 PDT 2010

Hi Thierry,

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On Friday 22 October 2010 00:55:55 Thierry de Villeneuve wrote:
> Dear Perl Mongers of San Diego,
> I very rarely post on the list since I've left San Diego in 2002. Few
> of you remember of me regularly attending the meetings ... that was
> some 10 years ago !!!  I'm back to France now but have never
> unsubscribe from the list and long the days I was in SD.
> Well, this said, here is what brings me here today.
> I have this (big) project at the office where I'll need to build a
> SOAP server. The traffic is not expected to be very high: Something
> like a transaction every 10".
> All the business backend is already developed and I've started
> tinkering with SOAP::Lite a bit. I've never had to develop a server
> based on SOAP (HTTP-SOAP) before. So, it's a brand new situation for
> me. The XSD and WSDL is already developed, so far so good.
> If any one of you could shed some light on what are the "best
> practices", best options, best CPAN modules to consider looking at
> when to tackle this sort of project.

According to perlbot on Freenode's #perl :

Sep 22 20:51:12 <perlbot>       rindolf: avoid SOAP::Lite, try SOAP::WSDL or 
XML::Compile::SOAP for more modern takes on the protocol

Note that I've never done any SOAP myself so I'm not speaking from experience.

> The time to process one of the request will be important (around
> 10~20" ... creating a SQLite db file of a few thousand rows to hand

I've never seen someone mark seconds of time as «"», it seems highly 
unorthodox, and easily confused with minutes.

> over). I would rather consider an architecture where the server would
> fork a subprocess to take care of each request. This is this part I'm
> not feeling conformable with as of today.
> If someone could get me a few pointers where to start digging, that'll
> be awesome, specifically regarding the forking/threading issue.
> Otherwise, I'll have to turn this part of the project to someone else
> to develop it in C++ and gSOAP. I'd like prove PERL can do the job

It's "Perl" or "perl" but never "PERL":



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