[San-Diego-pm] SOAP server in PERL

Thierry de Villeneuve thierryv at abac.com
Thu Oct 21 15:55:55 PDT 2010

Dear Perl Mongers of San Diego,

I very rarely post on the list since I've left San Diego in 2002. Few  
of you remember of me regularly attending the meetings ... that was  
some 10 years ago !!!  I'm back to France now but have never  
unsubscribe from the list and long the days I was in SD.

Well, this said, here is what brings me here today.

I have this (big) project at the office where I'll need to build a  
SOAP server. The traffic is not expected to be very high: Something  
like a transaction every 10".

All the business backend is already developed and I've started  
tinkering with SOAP::Lite a bit. I've never had to develop a server  
based on SOAP (HTTP-SOAP) before. So, it's a brand new situation for  
me. The XSD and WSDL is already developed, so far so good.

If any one of you could shed some light on what are the "best  
practices", best options, best CPAN modules to consider looking at  
when to tackle this sort of project.

The time to process one of the request will be important (around  
10~20" ... creating a SQLite db file of a few thousand rows to hand  
over). I would rather consider an architecture where the server would  
fork a subprocess to take care of each request. This is this part I'm  
not feeling conformable with as of today.

If someone could get me a few pointers where to start digging, that'll  
be awesome, specifically regarding the forking/threading issue.   
Otherwise, I'll have to turn this part of the project to someone else  
to develop it in C++ and gSOAP. I'd like prove PERL can do the job  
here too ;-)

Thanks a lot,


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