[San-Diego-pm] Perl question

Bob Kleemann rkleeman at energoncube.net
Tue Apr 6 14:51:43 PDT 2010


Since I'm not familiar with the process or what environment it runs
in, it's hard to say what is going wrong.  If you're not running in a
persistent environment like mod_perl or FastCGI, then it's probably
unlikely that you're sharing information between two processes.
Explicitly scoping your variables with "my" will probably help.

I'm CC'ing your message to the mailing list in case anybody else has
some ideas which might help your situation.

  -- Bob

On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 10:56 AM, Knupp, Norman C.
<norman.knupp.ctr at swrmc.navy.mil> wrote:
> Bob,
> I have been seeing an occasional problem with my application.  It sends out
> event-related e-mails, but once in a while I see instances where a message
> is sent to a recipient for wrong event.  It is as if two instances of the
> program are running at exactly the same time and sharing global variable
> space.  Is that possible?  I'm not explicitly scoping them.  I'm using a
> hash to store two types of addresses: authenticated and unauthenticated.
> The list of addresses in the authenticated hash gets one message and each
> address in the unauthenticated has gets another message, but both are
> supposed to be for the same event.
> Any thoughts?
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