[San-Diego-pm] February presentation: User Interfaces in Perl

spicy jack elspicyjack at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 12:21:16 PST 2008


I will be presenting at next month's (February) Perl Mongers meeting.
My topic will be "User Interfaces in Perl".  I am looking to give
people a nice survey of different user interfaces that people can use
to interact with Perl scripts.  I already have a bunch of ideas as far
what I will cover, but I want to be thorough.  If you've ever used a
GUI or console based toolkit besides the ones I list below, please
e-mail me offline, and I will try to include it for everyone at the


(elspicyjack at gmail dot com)

Partial list of talking points for February's PM meeting:
- TK
- wx[Windows|GTK|Carbon]
- ncurses
- Win32::GUI

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