[San-Diego-pm] www problem

Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Sun Feb 24 08:54:18 PST 2008

The following was sent by a stuck friend. He would appreciate any help 
he can get.


Hi Joel,

I have a problem that maybe someone in the perl user group knows the answer.

The form action on http://lordsprayerhandson.com/espanol is
https://secure.ourshoppingkart.com/shop/sanacion/kart3.cgi. I have an
ssl certificate for secure.ourshoppingkart.com. The problem is that
clicking the  "Para Comprar  Oprima Aqui" button  causes  the browsers
to add www and send the form to
https://www.secure.ourshoppingkart.com/shop/sanacion/kart3.cgi. As I
don't have an ssl certificate for www.secure.ourshoppingkart.com, the
browsers generate an error asking the person if they want to continue.
Of course, thinking there is a  security problem, they don't.

The crazy part is that if you  "Add To Cart" here:
http://gallbladderattack.com/gallbladderproducts.shtml, no error is
generated. secure.surf4.net is on the same server as

Trying to fix this, I installed mod_rewrite and setup rewrite parameters
for secure.ourshoppingkart.com. The rewrite works in the browser. If you
enter http://www.secure.ourshoppingkart.com in your browser, mod_rewrite
changes it to https://secure.ourshoppingkart.com.

I don't know why this is happening or how to solve it. One of my
customers called and he is having the same problem with oscommerce on my
other server.


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