[San-Diego-pm] Converting Time from UTC

Mark Schoonover mark.schoonover at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 15:42:52 PST 2008

Good Afternoon PMs!

I'm trying to convert from UTC to various US timezones. The time data is
recorded in UTC in a CSV file. What I need to do is convert that time to the
correct US timezone, plus keep in my daylight savings time. I've looked at
DateTime, and it will do what I need, but I'm missing something basic. My
time is not broken out by hms seperately, but instead is recorded 00:00 in
one field, and mm/dd/yyyy in another. I've played around with DateTime,
which has an is_dst method, but I have no idea how to put the date and time
into the correct format, and have it create a DateTime object so I can
convert to the correct timezone.

Any ideas?


Mark Schoonover, CMDBA
mark.schoonover at gmail.com
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