[San-Diego-pm] Damian is coming to town!

Kaushik Acharya kaushik at palebluedot.net
Wed Sep 12 11:26:49 PDT 2007

Either night works for me...  I'd prefer any topic concerning Perl 6, 
but I'll show up no matter what.


Bob Kleemann wrote:
> Hey Mongers,
> As a continuation of last night's discussion, I'd like to get the opinoin of
> the list on what they would like to see.
> Damian Conway is coming to town next month.  He's offered to host one of his
> great seminars for us on either October 3 or 4.  So the questions I have for
> the list is, what day works best for you, and what seminar are you interested
> in.  The list of available seminars is here:
> http://damian.conway.org/Seminars/
> Damian's suggestions include:
>     "Sex and Violence: Social and Technical Lessons from the Perl 6 Project",
>     "Fun with Dead Languages",
>     "Extreme Perl - The Horror That Is SelfGOL",
>     and "Quantom::Superpositions".
> At the meeting there was also some discussion around "The Da Vinci Codebase".
> So take a look at what is available, and what time you have available, and
> let us know.
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