[San-Diego-pm] Meeting tonight!

Keith Thompson kst at mib.org
Mon Oct 8 17:19:37 PDT 2007

On Mon 07-10-08 14:33, Bob Kleemann wrote:
> Just a reminder folks,
> Our normal monthly meeting is tonight.  We're meeting at the normal meeting
> location, Panera Bread on Mira Mesa Blvd next to the 15 at 7PM.  Come on by
> with whatever questions you have and we'll chat about them.
> I'll see you all then.

Darn.  I just joined the list (and therefore, I suppose, the group),
and Mira Mesa is convenient to where I live, but I'm busy Monday
nights.  At least I got to attend Damian Conway's talk.

(No, I'm not asking you to change the night, just whin{,g}ing.)

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