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Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Tue Jan 9 17:28:04 PST 2007

Chris Grau wrote:

> An events calendar.  I'm leaning towards setting up a Google calendar,
> since it gives us so much for free.  My understanding of the system is
> that I can simply create a public calendar, name it whatever I want,
> give certain people write access, and we're done.  Alternatively, we
> could hack up a Perl script or use Sunbird to create a calendar file
> that we could then host on our own web site.  Thoughts?

I suggest making the calender open to all who want to upload anything, 
but monitor it such that nothing appears until it has been vested by Big 

What I currently have is a sytem whereby if anybody wants to became a 
new member, or upload a job, an email is automatically sent to me. I 
then go to the admin part of the site and yea or nay the incoming 
traffic. That has been working until recently. The number of Russians 
with porn or gambling sites wanting to become members has been growing.

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