[San-Diego-pm] SSI problem

Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Wed Apr 4 14:34:09 PDT 2007

PERL perl PERL perl (didn't take w/o these words)

George Geller wrote:
> I suppose it works if you point your browser to  /cgi-bin/Pat/Galaxy/DispTopBanner.pl?

No. All the html tags are in the source document: index3.shtml

DispTopBanner.pl looks like this:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
#DispTopBanner.pl - Displays top banners in rotation - one per form load.
#Created by dr internet (http://drinternet.biz).
#Programmer: Joel Fentin (joel at fentin.com - tel: 760-749-8863)
#For GalaxyUSA.org

use strict;
use CGI qw/:standard/;
BEGIN{use CGI::Carp qw(carpout fatalsToBrowser);carpout(\*STDOUT);$|=1;}
my $co = new CGI;

#PROGRAM FLOW CONTROL----------------------------
#print qq|<img src="images/ads_top/banner_default.gif" alt="banner top"
width="728" height="90">|;
print 'ffffffff';

I also tried to get other combinations in other directories to work too.
Only those with <!--#include file="[somefile]"--> worked.

> and
> You don't have any .htaccess file that is overriding httpd.conf?


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