[San-Diego-pm] Votes on Damian's Talks?

Chris Grau chris at chrisgrau.com
Tue Sep 19 14:18:21 PDT 2006

On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 02:11:32PM -0700, Mark Schoonover wrote:
> Daniel Risse wrote:
> > Chris Grau wrote:
> >> Any idea what we want Damian to talk about?  My votes are for
> >> either "Small Miracles" or "Time::Space::Continuum."
> >> 
> > I'd enjoy either of those. Additionally, these two also sound
> > interesting. "Extreme Perl – The Horror That Is SelfGOL" or "Life,
> > The Universe, and Everything."
> Has the date been set for this??

It's either Monday, 2 October or Tuesday, 3 October.  I don't recall
which, only that it's definitely one of those two.  Someone else can
chime in with specifics.

>                                  I really miss OSCON when it was here
> in San Diego - man, were we spoiled!

I never even went to OSCON when it was in San Diego.  I, for some
reason, had to wait for it to be in Portland (and find a company willing
to pay for it) to go!  :(

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