[San-Diego-pm] Finding GD.pm

Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Sat Jul 22 00:22:50 PDT 2006

Can't locate loadable object for module GD in @INC....

I'm installing a program using captcha in a site where they refuse to 
install perl modules.

I installed the captcha modules in a subdirectory (authen) of cgi-bin. 
It appears that my test program finds them.

But captcha.pm has this line:
use GD;

I placed the GD subdirectory under cgi-bin. However, the GD subdirectory 
  (as installed in perl) did not contain GD.pm. It was originally placed 
in usr/site/lib. I've copied it in a number of places, and tried a 
variety of use lib variations. But GD seems invisible. Yes I've set the 

I'm flailing.
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