[San-Diego-pm] Textual Analysis

Christopher Hahn christopher.hahn at peregrine.com
Tue May 17 16:09:17 PDT 2005

Fair enough.

I am thinking of computing a "score" based on the number of certain 
strings found in a file.

You see, I do not know the exact format that I am looking for....

...but it will likely use certain words, like "agreement" and "license", etc

I know that a "semantic analyzer" is dreamland, but still think that I could
do something useful.

Perhaps I should just dump all of the files onto my desktop and use Google 
Desktop search? :^)

Well, garbage in, garbage out!  (but thank you for the time anyhow)

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>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher Hahn <christopher.hahn at peregrine.com>

Christopher> What I wanted to ask was whether anyone in the group had 
Christopher> worked with any perl modules that analyze text.

You'll have to define "analyze text".  Perl is *all about* that.

Christopher> I want to write something quick and dirty that will look 
Christopher> for license agreements in source files.

OK, so what's your strategy for that?  A simple "grep" would do that, right?

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