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"Blatent" ...... is this being Latently Blatant?


Whenever asked to pick between pg and mysql, I choose pg and
say "better parentage"  ....just parroting better minds than mine.


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>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Kleemann <rkleeman at energoncube.net> writes:

Bob> Not that a good flame war isn't fun and all, but why is there so 
Bob> much religion on this topic?  Pretty much every article that I've 
Bob> found on the topic boils down to "weigh the differences and run 
Bob> whatever works best for your situation".  Why don't you subscribe to
this philosophy?

I'm giving "what works for me and my clients".  That's opinion.  It always
However, most people don't know why they need triggers, rules, views, and
subselectes, and good data integrity.  Thus, I'm also trying to educate the
crowd through blatent bantering.

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