[San-Diego-pm] Perl Meeting on Monday, May 9th

Menolly menolly at mib.org
Tue May 10 11:40:00 PDT 2005

On Tue, 10 May 2005, Tkil wrote:

> Answer: Use the $statement_handle->{NAME_lc} property.  More details
> are in "perldoc DBI".  The only hiccup is that it returns an array
> ref; this means that you have to unpack it, and you should probably
> make a copy of it before you modify it.

And speaking of DBI and arrayrefs, here's the snippet of fun with map
and grep that I mentioned:
  my %taken;
  @taken{map $_->[0], @{$rd2->{'sth'}->fetchall_arrayref()}} = ();
  my @untaken = grep {!exists $taken{$_->[0]}} @{$rd->{'sth'}->fetchall_arrayref()};
  $testDigest = @untaken[rand(@untaken)]->[0];

$rd and $rd2 are hashrefs returned by a function in our internal DBI

I needed to select a random item from a pool, but it needed to be
one which has not already been used by this user.  The query in $rd2
selects items which have been used by this user; $rd is the pool.

First, I declare a hash, which will act as a lookup table.  I populate
it with the user's taken list using hash slicing, and dereferencing the
arrayrefs via map.  Next, I use grep to build a list of items in the
pool which have not been used.  Finally, I select a random arrayref from
the resulting list, deref, and use the data in the code that follows.

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