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Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Tue Mar 8 14:17:33 PST 2005

Bill Davidson wrote:
> Joel Fentin wrote:
>> Does anybody know how to put data into and get data from the clipboard 
>> via Perl or Javascript?
> Can you give more detail about what you are trying to do?

One example: There are several websites where I have written 
administration software for getting the data into databases. These sites 
are partially or totally in Spanish but the operator might be at an 
English keyboard.

One way I handle that is to simply display a label containing 
"áéíñóúÁÉÍÑÓÚ¡¿". The operator can copy and paste the needed 
character(s) into active textboxes.

With VB work (not on the web) I can can set it up so that the operator 
need only click the character of interest and it is automatically 
inserted at the location of the text cursor. This, by the way, requires 
one short line of code.

So, in attempting the same thing for a web page, I have considered drag 
& drop and the clipboard. Drag & drop appears to be a real drag if it is 
to be browser neutral. My searches using the word clipboard got me nowhere.
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