[San-Diego-pm] Use

Bill Davidson billdav at cox.net
Tue Jan 11 10:23:44 PST 2005

Chris Radcliff wrote:
> Then, armed with that knowledge, look into the lib module:
>   use lib qw(..);
>   use x;

Actually, it perlfaq8 gives a basic description of the lib module;
enough to know what to do?

> Be sure to get comfortable with @LIB *first* to avoid unintended side 
> effects.

I can't find a reference to @LIB.

I know about the environment variables PERLLIB and PERL5LIB (perlrun)
I know about the -I option to perl (perlrun)
I know about 'use lib' (pragmas/lib)
I know about "BEGIN { unshift(@INC, 'x'); }"
	or "BEGIN { push(@INC, 'x'); }" (perlvar||pragmas/lib)

What is @LIB?

--Bill Davidson

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