[San-Diego-pm] Use

C. Abney cabney at ucsd.edu
Tue Jan 11 01:53:13 PST 2005

On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 22:46, Joel Fentin wrote:
> At the meeting tonight I learned that I could take my x.pl package and 
> rename it x.pm. Thus in the main module, I can say:
> use x; instead of require 'x.pl';
> I am running into a problem where x.pm is one directory from some (not 
> all) of my main modules. With x.pl, I can say:
> require '../x.pl';
> I have not figured out how to say the same thing with x.pm. I've tried 
> several combinations and have looked it up. I need the relative addressing.
> What does it want?

It wants you to read ``perldoc perlfaq8'', and learn about @INC.

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