[San-Diego-pm] In town soon... evening meeting (social/presen t) 19 to 21 Apr?

Christopher Hahn christopher.hahn at peregrine.com
Tue Apr 19 10:06:24 PDT 2005

"Please post to the list by 5p tomorrow..."

I am sure that tkil meant "today".

It looks like I may be able to attend, and I will watch for the
final results for where it will be.


P.S. As to where, I would really love NOT to drive/park downtown.
Old town + Mexican would be my first choice....but let me know what
the consensus is.

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Well, since we still haven't seen much traffic on this topic, let's try to
nail it down.

Time:  Tonight, Tuesday April 19th, at 7pm.

Options for location:

I. Gaslamp:
   1. Hooters (4th & Market)  [a different kind of meat-fest]
   2. Rei Do Gado (4th & E)  [meat-fest]
   3. Yard House (4th & Broadway) [long bar]

II. Old Town:
   1. Coyote Cafe (San Diego Ave & Conde St) [lots of margs!]
   2. Casa de Bandini (Calhoun St between Twiggs & Mason)

III. Mission Valley:
   1. Hooters [see above]

All of these are reasonably convenient to the trolley.  I'll give up my cell
nubmer as a contact point: 858-229-1611.  Randal, I used to have your cell
number -- is it still the one that ends with 88?  Now that I search for it,
I see it listed here anyway:


Please post to the list by 5p tomorrow with preferences, then I'll try one
last post with definitive location.

I'll be bringing my copy of "Perls of Wisdom" for a signing, and a camera
for the embarassing photographs / blackmail evidence.

See you all tonight!
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