[San-Diego-pm] Operating on files over there

Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Fri Sep 24 15:29:19 CDT 2004

At last. You are addressing the heart and soul of what I am attempting.

C. Abney wrote:

> You are trying to get a (local) perl executable to do file manipulation
> on a remote machine?  I think you /did/ say earlier you wanted to do
> file manipulations on a remote machine.
> In any case, if the web-server is set up correctly no one can do file
> manipulations from a remote site through HTTP.

Thank you. That is the answer I was after.
> The best you can hope for is:
> 	1. Perlish:  write a script on the remote server that performs
> 	   the action, and call that script from your (local?) server
> 	   pages.
> 	2. NonPerlish: have your local server script use system commands
> 	   that employ rsh, ssh,

It may come to that. I hope not.
> Do you have control over the files on the machine, and are you able to
> execute commands on them and can you create script-based web-pages on
> the machine where the files are located?

To the extent that I understand the question: Yes. I have the passwords 
and can put/delete perl scripts with ws_ftp.

For the moment, all web sites seem to be on the same server. I have had 
some luck with relative addressing. I was able to read a yyy.com file 
from xxx.com and to add to it. Both were on the same server.
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