[San-Diego-pm] Perl Book Data

Allen Gilson allengil at sdf.lonestar.org
Wed Oct 20 16:06:18 CDT 2004


About your concern expressed at last night's meeting on the popularity of 
Perl. The research I did 
on the sale of books for Perl book while working on my BSIT showed it to 
be very popular, with respect to the sale of books on VB and C#. I sent 
the same question the San Diego Technical Books (now That Technical Book 
Store) today, and below was their response. I hope this helps with your 

Hello Allen,

   SDTB had to declare bankruptcy on 9/23.  We have started this new
business, but all our sales data for the old store was left behind along
with our inventory. The top ten Perl books we sell are as follows:

Learning Perl
Programming Perl
Perl Cookbook, 2nd Edition
Learning Perl Objects
Mastering Perl/TK
Advanced Perl Programming
Perl Pocket Reference
Perl By Example
Learning Perl on Win32 Systems
Programming Perl DBI

Learning Perl is our bestseller.  I can tell you that Perl is most popular
at Qualcomm.  In the last three months we sold 29 copies of Programming
Perl, 18 copies of Learning Perl and 15 copies of the Perl Cookbook to
Qualcomm alone.  Those three titles are in the ten bestseller list for
Qualcomm Employees. They have not purchased any Visual Basic books or C#
books in that same timeframe.

I hope what little information I was able to provide will be helpful.



    Allen Gilson
    allengil at freeshell.org 

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