[San-Diego-pm] Job Opportunity

Menolly menolly at mib.org
Wed Oct 13 19:00:38 CDT 2004

POSITION TITLE:		Software Engineer Consultant
REPORTS TO:		Sr. Development Mgr
LOCATION:		San Diego
OPENING DATE:		October 13, 2004
SALARY GRADE:		Negotiable
Duration:		Through December 2004

This individual will be responsible for the design, development, and
maintenance of existing Internet applications written with mod_perl and
MySQL.  This individual will also be responsible for integrating these
applications with additional Internet applications written with ASP, VB,
C++, and SQL Server 2000.  The candidate will analyze software requirements
to determine feasibility of design to provide accurate development
estimates. The candidate will be familiar with n-tier architecture and have
experience developing Internet based client/server applications under the
two different environments. The candidate will create technical
specification documents in support of development tasks and assist in the
creation of project plans.

*	Full technical knowledge of all phases of application development.
*	Experience developing client/server web applications
*	Experience with highly available, scalable, distributed systems
utilizing n-tier architecture
*	Knowledge of and hands-on experience with Perl, mod_perl, Linux,
Apache, and MySQL
*	Knowledge of and hands-on experience with Windows, C/C++, and MS SQL

*	Knowledge of browser limitations & capabilities, as well as
knowledge of browser/server interaction
*	Must have good communication skills and work well in a team

Qualified candidates will have a Bachelors degree, preferably in Computer
Science (BSCS) or Engineering. Five years of application development and two
years of experience designing and implementing client/server applications
using mod_perl and MySQL.

Qualified candidates please send resumes to tduran at plato.com.

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