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Christopher Hahn christopher.hahn at peregrine.com
Thu Nov 11 14:05:40 CST 2004

BTW: is anyone on the list well acquainted with Parse::RecDescent grammars?

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Hey Folks,

Just a reminder that there's a meeting on Tuesday, 7PM at Callahan's.
I'll send out a reminder early next week.  Think about any Perl related
issues you may have and we can discuss them at the meeting.

Between now and then though we should discuss possibly moving the meeting
time.  Some members had mentioned conflicts with other meetings/activities,
so I'm asking everyone when might be a better time to meet?  Let me know
your thoughts.

Also, would anyone be up for skipping the normal meeting next month and
doing something more fun?  If you have ideas, please send them my way.
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