[San-diego-pm] Slightly off topic

Joel Fentin joel at fentin.com
Sat Jun 12 18:09:29 CDT 2004

1. The following line of code in a javascript function works in IE but 
bombs in FireFox. Any cure?
var range = document.body.createTextRange();

2. The following HTML displays a text field. On several PC browsers it 
works fine in that it lets the underlying graphic shine through. On 
several/all Mac browsers, the text field is white. Any cure?

You can see this line of code in action with your browser at:

<input name="T1" type="text" readonly="true" value="Send me an email" 
size="18" style="text-align:right; background-color:transparent; 
border:none; font-size:22pt">
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Contact me:    http://fentin.com/me/ContactMe.html
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