[San-diego-pm] another bug in perl: rand/OSX?

C. Abney cabney at ucsd.edu
Thu Jun 3 09:52:11 CDT 2004

It's platform specific, however... I get completely different behavior
on Sun/sparc or Linux/P4.



On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 07:25, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
> >>>>> "C" == C Abney <cabney at ucsd.edu> writes:
> C> Maybe my keywords suck and this is a known issue?
> C> Running this script on a Mac OSX gives very unexpected results:
> You can illustrate this well known bug with:
> perl -le 'print rand; fork or exit print rand; fork or exit print rand; fork or exit print rand; print rand'
> You'll get one number from the first rand call (which sets the seed),
> and then the same number from all remaining calls to rand.
> The solution is well known... when you fork, you need to srand manually
> in the child.
> The behavior has nothing to do with OSX.  It's completely generic to Perl.
> I just verified that on my OpenBSD box.
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