[San-Diego-pm] POD Documents

Douglas Wilson dgwilson at gtemail.net
Thu Aug 5 17:43:46 CDT 2004

> 	Kinda embarrassed to ask this question, but here it goes anyway. I
> want to embed POD in my modules and other perl scripts. Yet, when I type
> perldoc module.pm I get the no entry for module.pm. module.pm is in the
> current directory, and is readable. I'm doing something that's probably very
> simple yet wrong. I've checked Programming Perl, and Google, but I'm
> honestly stuck. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Is there any pod in the file? perldoc will report "No documentation found for..."
if there is no pod in the file. Also do 'perl -V' and see if the
current directory is in @INC. (man perldoc also says the file
can be in the PATH env variable).

Also do "perldoc -m module_name" which lists the entire contents of the
file. If this works, then there is probably no pod in the file.

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