SDCFUG Wed 7th - Code Copyright & Licensing

Cameron Childress cameronc at
Mon Apr 5 17:09:34 CDT 2004

Since this is a general interest topic I thought some of you might enjoy
attending the meeting...

Time/Date: Wednesday, April 7th from 6:30 - 8:00PM.
Location:  Booz Allen Hamilton's Offices (map @
           Suite 220
           1615 Murray Canyon Rd
           (NOTE: parking available on street)
Topic:     “Don’t Touch My Code!” Copyright for Fun and Profit
Speaker:   Rey Muradaz, JD, Muradaz & Associates
RSVP:      rsvp at
More Info:

About the Topic:

There's often a lot of confusion surrounding copyright:  What it is (and
what it's not), when it comes into play, and what it can and can't do for
you.  This brief overview will help you understand how you can use copyright
to protect the code you release 'into the wild', and the strengths and
limitations of several different licensing approaches.  As an added bonus,
you'll receive sample licensing language for each of these approaches that
you can include either within your code or as a ride-along in your zip file
distributions.  This topic always inspires a lively debate, so bring your
Kevlar suits!

About the Speaker:

Rey Muradaz (rey at is still attempting to short-circuit the
reincarnation process by living several lives in the same lifetime. He has
been, at various times and in no particular order, a dishwasher, a writer, a
Wall St. analyst, a roast-beef-sandwich-maker, a workers' comp rep, a
telemarketer (I was desperate), a legal advocate for Alzheimer's victims and
their families, CTO of both a non-profit (still eking along) and a
for-profit (sadly defunct) targeted at supporting senior citizens, and a
proud husband and father.

He finally abandoned his efforts to whip a small cadre of City of Los
Angeles contractors into the premier FB-coding team in the land (Fusebox
Rules!).  He's now trying to do the same thing with a group of Noo Yawkers
from across the country (fuhgeddaboutit!).

In his spare time (?), he keeps abreast of the ins and outs of intellectual
property law, and crafts reasonably-priced, bullet-proof licenses and
contracts for software developers.

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