Tkil tkil-sdpm at
Thu Feb 20 10:56:41 CST 2003


>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Fentin <joel at> writes:

Joel> print 'form3';
Joel> #system('c:apache\cgi-bin\'); #error
Joel> #system('c:\apache\cgi-bin\');#error
Joel> #system('');                  #error
Joel> #system('./');                #error
Joel> #system ('c:apache/cgi-bin/'); #error
Joel> #system('c:/apache/cgi-bin/');#wont bomb
Joel> #system 'c:/apache/cgi-bin/'; #wont bomb
Joel> #system `c:/apache/cgi-bin/`; #wont bomb
Joel> #system (`c:/apache/cgi-bin/`);#wont bomb

How about:

   system "c:/perl/bin/perl.exe c:/apache/cgi-bin/";

(put in the correct path to your perl executable, of course.)  Or
maybe even

   system "c:\\windows\\ /c c:\\apache\\cgi-bin\\";

Remember that win32 doesn't understand (let alone honor) the "#!"
line, and that the association of "open .pl files with perl" may not
be handled in the system itself (rather, it's handled by the shell);
that's the theory behind getting the first one to work.

If the second one works, it's because might understand the
association of file types, and correctly invoke perl for it.

If neither works, the next thing to ask is: which perl are you using
(ActiveState, CygWin, or other?), and where is it installed, and how
the heck are you getting to run when is being so
obstinate? :)


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