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Wed Feb 5 02:35:31 CST 2003


Although Tuesdays are no longer good for me, which is why  can not attend, I 
got quite a lot from the meetings. The purpose of me attending the group was 
to learn more about Perl , and more efficiebt ways of solving the programming 
projects. To excellerate my learning, yada yada yada. It has definetly served 
the purpose. And many many thanks to everyone who helped. I definetly 
appreciate it.

I was also quite curious to know the reasons why some people come to the 
meetings and why some people don't. Maybe by knowing what you personally want 
from the group, we can satisfy your self interests. and in return we get 
exposed to areas of computing we previously didn't know or are not subject to 
in our day to day lives. 
At my first meeting I attended , I helped a guest from the University doing 
dna sequence submissions. By helping him, I learned a lot about xml, html 
extraction, regular expressions ,interfacing with Microsoft COM components, 
tons of modules I never knew existed (since I previously didn't have a 
purpose to use them) , etc. 

just by attending the meetings , and through participation, we all gain.

 I wouldn't have gotten anything if the other people didn't share their 
knowledge and questions. 

if you got this far, thanks for reading! Haha

oh I'm currently interested in distributed computing, clusters, integration 
of Microsoft technologies with Perl (COM dotNET custom DLLs ActiveX MS 
Outlook  MS Office) palm pilot coding, and enjoy long quite walks on the 
beach. :)


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