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Bill Wood wwood at
Wed Apr 23 14:22:16 CDT 2003

Can someone help me out. I've got a problem where perl seems to be 
evaluating the test at line 6 below in a string context. I'm taking the 
results of database call to a datediff function and doing a greater than 
test. When the result is negative the if branch is still being taken. I 
can't see what is wrong here.

1	my $date_diff=0;
2	my $diff_test = 0;
3	my $sql = qq/
4	select datediff(dd,"$last_used_date{$card_key}","$trans_date")/;
5	@ret = $dbh->sql("$sql",sub {($date_diff)=@_;});

6	if	($date_diff > $diff_test ) {
7		$last_used_date{$card_key} = $trans_date;
8		}

This is perl, version 5.005_03 built for sun4-solaris

All comments appreciated, thanks

Bill Wood
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