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Tkil tkil-sdpm at
Mon Oct 28 02:23:14 CST 2002

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Fentin <joel at> writes:

Joel> Somebody (Tony?) mentioned at the last meeting that it is
Joel> possible access a perl program in a browser without needing to
Joel> run a personal server. Right now using an Apache server in my
Joel> laptop, I put something like the following in the address window
Joel> of the browser:

Joel> If I am not using the Apache server, how is it done?

You basically want to run a simple HTTP server (probably written in
perl) that can set up the CGI environment for your script.  Basically,
you want a replacement for Apache httpd in this case.  (Which makes
sense; you want a bicycle to get to the corner store, not a tank in
which to drive through buildings to get to the corner.)

Bob and I were experimenting with one at work, something like
"" -- yeah, google for that.  If you can't find it, I can
upload the version that I cleaned up a little bit.  There's also
something in either the libnet bundle and/or the LWP bundle that can
do servers fairly gracefully.

Note that writing such a beast is pretty easy.  If you have a static
situation, you don't need configuration parsing nor the flexibility
that requires.  So, you just set up a listening socket, handle one
connection at a time, set up the environment, call the CGI script, and


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