Notes from Wed's Meeting

Bob Kleemann rkleeman at
Mon Nov 25 14:12:55 CST 2002

Perl Mongers,

Here's a quick summary of what was discussed and decided at the last
meeting.  But first, did anyone pick up anything from the meeting that
they shouldn't have?  Apparently there were some manuals or other
documentation taken from around the projector.  Please let me know if
you did take anything home from the meeting that you didn't walk in with.

Anyways, Joel stepped up to the plate and offered to be our new webmaster.
Many thanks go to Bruce for his work on getting the website up to the
point it is now.  I'll get in contact with everyone involved in moving
things around soon.

Also meeting times will be changing soon.  In December we will be meeting
on the typical 3rd Wed of the month, Dec 18.  Starting in Jan 2003 we
will however change that to the third Tuesday in the month, Jan 21.  If
this will work better or worse for anyone here please let us know.

Speaking of January, there seemed to be a great deal of interest in
having the proposed social gathering of perl mongers.  One evening during
the first full week of January (Jan 6-10) was given as a possible date.
The location proposed was the Elephant Bar on Rancho Bernardo Rd. (Most
people were interested in a north county location.)  What does everyone
think about the proposed time and/or location?

Additionally, we talked about Perl toolkits for creating and maintaining
webpages along the lines of ASP.  That moved slowly into a discussion
about XML.  The open ended question here is, "What XML tools do you use
for examining and modifying XML in Perl?"

That's pretty much it, unless someone who was there wants to add some

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