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[Sorry if anyone gets this twice; I accidentally sent it from a
different address than I'm subscribed to the list under, and it seems
to have disappeared.]

I don't remember the name of the gentleman I chatted with after the
meeting, but we discussed some studies and papers that have been done
on the varying efficiencies amongst "traditional" software engineering
languages (C, C++, Java), functional languages (Scheme, Lisp, ML), and
later expanded to include "scripting" languages (Perl, Python, Ruby).

The basic idea was to present the same problem to programmers at
various skill levels, in various languages, and to evaluate the
results.  I found it interesting that they look at quite a few of the
"efficiencies" as mentioned in "perlstyle":  programmer, space/memory,

The link that I used is at:

It includes links to the problem statement, test data, etc.  If you
have a spare afternoon, I'd suggest working the problem; it's not too
difficult, and I found it a relief to work on a small, bounded task
after dealing with huge bureaucratic crap all week.

My solution is at:

A Lisp solution can be viewed at:

(That link also has a good writeup about the various papers and
follow-on studies that had been done.)


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