Math::BigFloat reprise

C. Abney cabney at
Fri Dec 27 13:20:37 CST 2002

I also posted this one in clpmodules:

infinite loop (sometimes) in Math::BigFloat->bsqrt()

VERSION = 1.35 (according to the source)

I'm wading through BigFloat trying to see why it bsqrt() fails, if
quicker at this than I am I'd appreciate your insight.

Code working the bug follows:
#! /usr/bin/perl -w
# 20021227CAbney
# $Id$

use strict;
use Math::BigFloat;

my ( $AOK, $NOK );

$AOK = Math::BigFloat->new(
"0.000534658116517588658929262682872160412897552171548509046155298532422159361630992216149289020159041195738708426385817856" );
$NOK = Math::BigFloat->new(
"0.978749276884325796462284492928607873837710421811322137592267041496364208228589562026699599733496360862145221450960000001" );

print "bsqrt(AOK) = $AOK\n";
print "bsqrt(NOK) = $NOK\n";

I can't find anything particularly strange about the second number,
and in fact it'll bomb into the loop even if you truncate the number.


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