offtopic? Math::BigFloat

Douglas Wilson dgwilson1 at
Sun Dec 22 04:51:31 CST 2002

You mentioned privately that the routines were slow (pure perl never has
been that
good at arbitrary precision number crunching), but I've since noticed that
there are options to Math::BigFloat to use Bit::Vector, Math::Pari, or
Math::GMP as backends (and they are all C or XS libraries), and
I though it might be worth sharing with
the group. It may help, I don't know if it'll help you
enough, but it may be worth looking into. You might have to change
the 'use Math::BigFloat' statement within Math::NumberCruncher, or
maybe it would be enough to pass in your own Math::BigFloat
numbers to the Math::NumberCruncher routines.


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From: "C. Abney" <cabney at>

> ~sdpm~
> That module has a really nice implementation of the log function.
> Sweet.  Way better than what comes by default with Perl.

> > Take a look at Math::NumberCruncher. It has a Ln function/method and
> > on Math::BigFloat numbers.


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