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Joe Crawford joe at
Wed Dec 11 17:02:41 CST 2002

On 11 Dec 2002, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
> 1: it's not a Perl question, it's a javascript question
> 2: if "javascript" is the answer, you asked the wrong question

JavaScript and other client side technologies should not be discounted
whole-cloth. The server-side technologies and the client-side ones can
live and work well together, ya know. :-)

> 3: more and more people *every day* have javascript disabled

And yet, many web-based applications are built to be targeted to a certain
core set of browsers installed across a corporate environement - and often
one can presume that JavaScript is enabled.

JavaScript / Jscript / ECMAScript client-side languages most certainly
have a place in web applications. They work best when implemented well
with server-side technologies.

> 4: many corporate websites filter javascript at the DMZ, preventing
>    such code from working

This does happen, and presumably, a responsible web author is aware or not
aware of his or her audience, and knows if this is the case for /their/
audience. Presuming that because /generally/ some people are unable to use
JavaScript, that JavaScript should /never/ be used seems to me a logical
leap that makes no sense.

> 5: I'm smart enough to notice I have a "back" button, thank you.

Of course you are. Ane yet, there are times when JavaScript based forward
and back buttons can create a nice and simple interface. For example in a
serial "wizard" type application JavaScript can be handy. It all depends
on the UI framework, and how usable it is.

That said, yes, for debugging JavaScript, it's better to debug the
resultant HTML and JavaScript rather than debug the perl that generates
it. Figure out what you want your html to be, and adjust your perl code

Just thought I'd toss my client-side centric thoughts in there. Not
meaning to flame or defend anyone in particular.


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