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Joel Fentin joel at
Mon Dec 9 00:20:01 CST 2002

The HTML version of this program works perfectly. I was hoping for a perl
#!/perl/bin/perl -w

use CGI;my $co = new CGI;

print $co->header,
$co->start_html(-title=>'');              #<html><body>

#START JAVASCRIPT------------------------------
print '<SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript">';
'function GoBack1()
  alert("we got here")
function GoBack2(location)
  top.location = location

print '</SCRIPT>';
#END JAVASCRIPT--------------------------------
print $co->start_form(-name=>'form1');
print $co->submit(-name=>'Back1', -value=>'GoBack1', -onclick=>'GoBack1()');
$co->submit(-name=>'Back2', -value=>'GoBack2', -onclick=>'GoBack2("javascrip
print $co->end_form(),$co->end_html;            #</body></html>

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