Unbiased proof that perl is the best.

Anthony Kilna anthony at zoovy.com
Wed Oct 24 19:26:35 CDT 2001


>Where can I find unbiased proof that perl is faster, more flexible, more 
>mature, etc than ASP, JSP, etc..

Perl, by virtue of its own power and flexibility, it tends to engender bias
towards it for anyone who has had the opportunity to become reasonably proficient in it.  :)  After searching around a bit, I'm also at a loss for finding an even-handed comparisson.  I'd love to see what you find regarding this.

>Extra-credit question: Why should I use MySQL over Sybase?

The short of it:
   MySQL: Mind-bogglinlgy fast, not as full-featured
   Sybase (or most other commercial vendors, or even Postgres): More features, slower and more stable (you'll find many people who won't trust their data to anything but a fully transactional database).  If you need speed and don't need transactionality, MySQL is the way to go.  

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