Perl/Apache Alternative to IIS/ASP

Peter C. de Tagyos pdetagyos at
Sat Oct 13 19:31:58 CDT 2001

Hey all.

I am pretty new to Perl, having primarily experience with MS platforms and
products.  Currently, I use IIS/ASP/COM+/SQL Server to construct e-commerce
web sites.  I wish to get away from the MS solution, for a multitude of
reasons, and I am looking into how I might do this.

Replacing IIS with Apache is pretty straightforward, and using PHP or
perl_mod instead of ASP is also a pretty easy transition.  However, I cannot
seem to figure out what would be the Perl equivalent of my business objects
running in COM+.  Right now, the sites I develop are 3-tier, with the web
boxes running IIS/ASP, the biz boxes running objects in COM+, and the DB
server running SQL2000.  This setup is nice because I can support several
web boxes with the sole biz box and DB box.  From all that I have read, the
Perl alternative seems to advocate putting Apache and the Perl business
modules all on one box, with perhaps a DB hosted on another box.  This
doesn't seem to be decoupled enough.

So I guess what I am really asking, is how do I build a multi-tier system
using Apache, Perl, and other open-source products?  If such systems aren't
necessary, why not?

I would appreciate any advice.  I have looked on several Perl websites, and
there doesn't seem to be any sort of guide or whitepaper for moving from a
MS solution to an open-source one.  I think that such a document would be
very helpful- for developers interested in transitioning, and for the
pointy-haired bosses they are trying to convince. Perhaps I will write such
a thing once I figure it all out.  :)




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