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The FAQchest faqchest at
Sat Nov 17 01:08:09 CST 2001


Here is the routine that I use on the FAQchest to parse out individuals
e-mail addresses, but those of the mailing list administrativia.

Actually you can play with it, posting messages to the list with some
e-mail addresses and see how they get cleaned up


$username = '[\w-_]+(\.[\w-_]+)*';
$hostname = '[\w-]+(\.[\w-]+)+';
$email    = "$username\@$hostname";
$zebigexclude = 'listserv|majordomo|listproc|almanac|mailman|lists|-list|-admin|-help|-owner|digest|abuse|request|subscribe|info\@';

# -------------------------------------------------------------
# write new page elements with e-mail address filtered out
sub page_body {
  my $line;
  my $lbodyflg = 0;
  foreach $line (@pagecore) {
    $line =~ /Stop FAQCHEST_AA/ && ( $lbodyflg = 0 );
    $line =~ /Start FAQCHEST_AA/ && ( $lbodyflg++ );
    if ($lbodyflg) {
      if ($line =~ /($email)/) {
        if ($1 !~ /$zebigexclude/i) {
          $line =~ s/$email/\[PRIVACY PROTECTION\]/g;
    print FILE "$line";
  return 1;

Ken Loomis wrote:
> As a learning exercise I had the class develop an RE to validate email
> addresses. Not too original I guess, but at least they could all
> understand the need for doing that.
> We started with this as the simplest test:
>     if ($email =~ /.*\@.*/) {
>                 print "$email is a good email address !\n";
>           else {
>                 print "$email is NOT a good email address !\n";
>            }

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